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The Holderness Coast

The Holderness Coast

The Holderness Coast is one of world’s fastest receding coastlines with an annual average erosion rate of two metres per year and is highly geomorphologically active.

Coastal retreat has been recorded since Roman times; a strip greater than 3.5 miles wide and over 30 settlements estimated to have been lost to the North Sea in the last 2000 years.

The rates of retreat are accelerating due to climate change, driving changes in wave climates, alongside sea level rise, placing these vulnerable communities on the edge.

The 360 Lab have visited some of these sites to capture the influence of the sea on coastal geomorphology, and invite you to explore a collection of 3D models and 360 photo experiences, putting you in the heart of the landscape.

Get started below and enjoy exploring!

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Tips and tricks

  • If on a computer, press the play button to get started. Use the diagonal arrows to make the tour full screen and navigate by clicking and dragging the image.
  • If on a mobile device, you can move the device to virtually look around by clicking the button in the bottom right of the screen.
  • You can find a map in the bottom left of the tour by clicking on the pin.

Spurn Point, East Yorkshire

Withow Gap, East Yorkshire

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